Economic Botany

On a second visit to Kew Gardens I discovered the People + Plants exhibition in Museum number 1. It is currently the largest display of the worldwide uses for plants and for me, it provided one of the most interesting parts of Kew gardens. Sadly however, it was confined to the ground floor one building and so illusive, I came across it only by chance.

As a result, and with my ambition to encourage intuitive learning and discovery within the gardens, I will propose a number of education, leisure and working environments around Kew which showcase the fascinating uses of plants in our everyday life.

museum no1

Below is a masterplan identifying the locations of these economic botany displays.

economic botany

In order to facilitate a positive experience in ones visit to Kew, the demographic of each visitor should be understood. In order to do this I have related my observation of Kew’s visitors to the categorisation deployed by Richard Guilianotti in his publication Supporters, Followers, Fans, and Flaneurs: A taxonomy of Spectator Identities in Football.

This is a categorisation researched by myself for my dissertation topic on stadium atmosphere and spectator experience and one which I find applicable across a broad range of other sectors, not just those related to sport.

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