Plants on the Move

Based on an earlier demographic appraisal and suggested archetype for each of the economic botany collections, I have chosen the Plants on the Move exhibition as be the first to be designed.

Focussing on the production of the paper birch and populus canoe, the centre will be located to the north of the Syon Vista and lake, among the birch species and adjacent the populus species. The building’s accommodation will comprise of Birch Canoe, Populus Canoe, Paddle and Repair Workspaces, a Visitor Workshop and an Exhibition Space.

canoe construction and accommodation

In addition, a proposal for a new river vista connecting the Syon lake to the site will increase opportunities to discover the centre by boat as well as on foot. It will add another layer to the historical vistas already established within Kew Gardens and take people away from the current ‘tourist hub’.

river vista

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