Help build the Hayam Temple – Burning Man


In early August I will hopefully be travelling to America to help build the Hayam Temple for the Burning Man Festival in the Navada Desert.

Designed by Josh Haywood,  the Hayam Temple aims to create an explorative, meditative and interactive experience for visitors of the 2014 Burning Man festival.

“The Hayam is a temple to sunlight, open to the sky, filtering the sun’s rays through the intricately pierced plywood panels, and throwing dazzling patterns of light in every direction. At night the four pillars are illuminated from within like a giant lantern.

The pavilion references motifs and arabesques traditionally found in Moorish architecture but in itself the Hayam has ties to no religion; it provides a shared spiritual and sensual experience that transcends language and culture.” – extract from the kickstarter campaign.


The project has already received a lot of recognition and was featured on Dezeen just last week, however we are still slightly shy of the funds needed in order to make the project a reality. Partial funding has been given by the Black Rock City LLC (Burning Man), however a kickstarter campaign has been launched in order to fulfill our ambition of building the temple in such a beautiful and awe inspiring place.

Plenty of rewards are on offer should you wish to donate, and even if you cannot donate at this time we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word and send this link to as many people as possible. Thank you.


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