Brief 1 – The Graptolite

Start of a new year, start of a new brief.

Natural Systems this time around and having been given typologies we were set the task to work in groups (one first year, and one second year student) to find, test, model and evaluate a natural system.

Our research led us to exploring the capabilities of the natural systems of extinct species, in particular, that of the graptolite, a colony of interdependent, nearly identical individuals (Zooids) connected by common tissue. The 3D printed models below depict the Spirograptus, one of the most structurally efficient variations throughout its evolution.09 Graptolite - Makerbot - Paul Thorpe05 Graptolite - 3d Print - Paul ThorpeExtrapolating the potential construction lines of the half ring, diagonally braced form of the sicula (individual housing for the Zooids) we started to generate perforated patterns into sheet material.  IMG_0203 bw 2Further research into the fractal, a-sexual, branching of the zooids led us to develop l-systems trees, using a join derived from the practices of tailoring to secure the branches to the trunk. Our aim was to develop a lightweight, minimal material structure that would be self supporting and cover a large surface area in relation to its origin.IMG_0371 bwPin up – 3 week review:pin up 2014.10


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