Carlo Mollino

Investigations into nature set the premise for the studio ethos. However, detailed studies into existing structural methodologies and techniques will help to formulate rational possibilities for the realisation of these wonders in nature.

mollino skiing

The essence of Carlo Mollino’s interests saw him take a mathematical approach to design, turning active lifestyles into form finding techniques. Among others, he studied skiing techniques and the subsequent marks left in the snow, he turned the sport into physical discussion of barycentres, distribution of weight, balanced movement and angles to the snow.
aeroplane flight table both

Mollino specialised in generating furniture from single sheet material and as can be seen both above and below, plywood was utilised as one of his primary material selections.

Carlo Mollino, Furniture designed for Casa Devalle

The models present on this page represent my attempts to replicate Mollino’s furniture at a much smaller scale. While developing an understanding for single sheet form generation and its structural properties, I found particular interest in Mollino’s form finding techniques through the analysis of existing natural movements. I look forward to the possibility of form finding using this method to derive particular movement pathways in nature.
Furniture model variations


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