Bio Tensegrity

Finding nature’s representative of Tabula Rasic learning was one thing. However, in order to extract a structural system from Slime Mould, I had to delve into the microscopic. The questions that arose at this point were; What makes it change shape? Move? and transfer information?


These questions led me to cellular tensegrity. This model proposes that the whole cell is a prestressed tensegrity structure and that the membrane, intermediate, and actin filaments of a living cell’s framework are crucial in achieving structural integrity. Additionally, they facilitate morphing shape capabilities and allow for its sensing, control, and information transmitting functions.


Tension: Cytoskeleton microfilaments and intermediate filaments

Struts: Internal microtuble struts and Extracellular matrix adhesions. Actin microfilament bundles


The internal cytoskeleton interconnects at the cell periphery with a highly elastic, geodesic cytoskeletal. (actin-spectrin-ankyrin) network directly beneath the plasma membrane.

tensegrity digram

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